Captain Jack Sparrow Card Fancy Dress Mask (Johnny Depp)

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Captain Jack Sparrow Card Fancy Dress Mask (Johnny Depp)

Captain Jack Sparrow Card Fancy Dress Mask (Johnny Depp)

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Become a star with our Star Masks These fabulous Fancy Dress Masks are great fun for all the family. Perfect for themed parties, stag and hen nights, collectors and special occasions. This Captain Jack Sparrow Fancy Dress Mask (Johnny Depp) is a photo quality mask manufactured from high quality card and comes with pre-cut eye holes and elastic fitting. Please note: The eyes may still be retained in the masks from the cutting machine (they are intended to be discarded and designed to be worn by customers so that they can see through the eyeholes).  The eyes from the original template may or may not be included. This is an official licensed product.
  • هوية Fruugo: 3720088-8027831
  • EAN: 5051955998046
  • البائع: Starstills

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