YANGFAN High Texture Infinite Aluminum Alloy Rubik's Cube

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YANGFAN High Texture Infinite Aluminum Alloy Rubik's Cube

  • العلامة التجارية: Yangfan
سعر البيع القطاعي المقترح: ر.ق.‏ ١٠٩٫٠٠
السعر: ر.ق.‏ ٩٩٫٠٠
أنت توفر: ر.ق.‏ ١٠٫٠٠ (9%)
ر.ق.‏ ٩٩٫٠٠ + ر.ق.‏ ٥٢٢٫٩٩ الشحن

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Material:100% alloy Feather:1.Small and easy to carry,wherever you go to play. 2.Play at any time,turn around every day to drive away negative emotions. 3.Improve mental development.The design concept of imitation is to improve brain development,improve people's thinking ability,and get very good help in life. 4.Releasing psychological pressure.When the pressure of life and work is high,when going out to play, take out the Rubik's Cube,turn your fingers,release the pressure,and have fun. 5.Playing Rubik's Cube for the elderly can enrich their lives,forget their worries,revitalize the meridians,and improve their health. 6.Exquisite design,compact and stylish, easy to carry. 7.Good quality, durable,made of high-quality aluminum alloy,CNC machining,through and fixed,can withstand several times of playing. 8.A variety of colors are available to meet various color control needs.There is always a color that belongs to you. 9.There are many usage scenarios.A must-have artifact during work,leisure,and boredom.For people who don’t concentrate,it can improve concentration.It is an office stress relief accessory.When reading a book,you can turn the Rubik’s Cube with one hand to relax your mood.When you are waiting for people in a car,Rubik’s Cube can relieve boredom,But also make the fingers more and more flexible. 10.Exquisite packaging,high-end packaging,showing noble quality.

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