Uniwand and Unigel Electrotherapy Face Roller

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Uniwand and Unigel Electrotherapy Face Roller

  • العلامة التجارية: TensCare
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The TensCare Uniwand and Unigel bundle is an optional (but highly recommended ) add on to the TensCare Uniglo Beauty Therapy [https://tenscare.co.uk/products/uniglo] device.  By combining the precision microcurrent treatment head and the tightening and rejuvenating properties of hyaluronic acid, this dynamic duo targets problem areas such as the eyes, around the mouth, the forehead and more to give you full and completely controllable facial toning and skincare.  When combined with the Uniglo, Uniwand is a natural and pain free alternative to botox, and a great way to reduce crows feet, marionette lines and under eye circles. As well as wrinkle reduction, Uniwand also improves the appearance of skin by speeding up cell renewal and boosting collagen production.  Try Uniglo and Uniwand for a surgery free facelift and skin that always looks fresh out of a facial.  Please Note: Uniwand is only compatible with the TensCare Uniglo Beauty Therapy [https://tenscare.co.uk/products/uniglo] and is not suitable for use with other devices.    SKU: K-UNIWAND
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  • البائع: TensCare

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