Dual Lens Reflex Camera, Retro Classic Tlr

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Dual Lens Reflex Camera, Retro Classic Tlr

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Dual Lens Reflex Camera, Retro Classic Tlr. Features: 100% New and High Quality 35mm Dual-lens Reflex Camera, See This Guy, You Are Not Back to the 70-80 Years, a Long Time, Right Older Photographers Have Had, Used, Love It, Still Has a Soft Spot for It. In Order to Review Some Ancient Memories, This 35mm Dual-lens Reflex Camera Was Produced.  You Can Complete Your Dream of Owning a Dual-lens Reflex Camera in a Step by Step Assembly.   Specifications: Material: Strong Black Cardstock Suitable Film35mm Filmnot Include Preferably: ISO 200 Assembly Takes Time:1 Hour Assembly Requires Tools:Screwdriver Assembly Needs Items:35mm Film,Scotch Tape Color:Black Package Dimensions: App.18.5x11.5x5.5cm/7.28x4.52x2.16" Quantity: 1 Set     Package Includes: 1pc X Product Assembly Instructions 1pc X Film Reel 1pc X Film Knob 1pc X Twisted Plate 1pc X Film Knob Fixed Shaft 1pc X Inside the Fixed Groove 1pc X Viewfinder Lens Provisions Round 1pc X Shaft Fixed 1pc X Shutter Delivery Lever 1pc X Counter Knob 1pc X Counter 1pc X Shutter Lever Shaft 1pc X Gear 18pcs X Screw 1pc X Nut 1pc X Triangle Screw Cap 4pcs X Spring (A.B.C.D) 2pcs X Flat-top Screws (2 Pieces) 5pcs X Cap Screws (5) .
  • هوية Fruugo: 51366027-103196510
  • EAN: 3283114132721
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