Hdmi To Av Adapter, Hdmi To Av High-definition Video Converter

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Hdmi To Av Adapter, Hdmi To Av High-definition Video Converter

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Feature:***** The HDMI to AV converter allows you to play high-definition audio and video from HDMI audio/video players on an analog TV or monitor.***** Plug and play, no driver installation required, portable and flexible.***** Support NTSC and PAL two TV format, usually NTSC suit for America.***** Support HDMI input from 480i to 1080P, note: 3D and 4K signals are not supported, such as PS4***** Supported audio format: 2-channel analog audio***** The HDMI input of the HDMI to AV converter is compatible with most HDMI signal sources, such as Blu-ray players, HD-DVD, VHS, DVD players, HDTV boxes, HD PVR, HD DVR, HD video recorders, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, Wii, PC, HD camcorder, etc.***** The RCA output is compatible with a monitor, TV or projector with RCA input.***** HDMI to AV converter video signal transferring only, unable to improve video quality.***** The product needs to be connected to a 5V1A power supply to work properly. The package does not include a power adapter and HDMI cable. You have to buy it yourself if you need it.*****In order for the converter to work properly, all cables must be connected and used (yellow: video, white: left audio, red: right audio)

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