Portable Baby Diaper Pad, Waterproof Multi-function Bag

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Portable Baby Diaper Pad, Waterproof Multi-function Bag

  • العلامة التجارية: Slowmoose
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Portable Baby Diaper Pad, Waterproof Multi-function Bag. Features: Portable Diaper Pad: Portable diaper pad. A good helper for Mommy. A bag helps to solve many problem. Urinary moisture-proof / convenient diapers / easy to wash dirty / three-layer structure. Three-layer Structure: Three-layer structure for easy urine insulation. The first layer of polyester waterproof fabric, second layer of lining sponge, and third layer of polyester waterproof lining Zip Pocket: Front zip pocket for baby clothes and diaper. Left and Right Storage Bag: Built-in left and right storage bag, diaper clean clothes easy to take, built-in head pad design, protect the baby's head. Specifications: Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-36m Age Range: 3-12y Age Range: 12+y Material: Polyester 300D Cation / 600D Printing 210D Polyester . We are an international based seller that will ship your order from abroad, please at least a minimum 21 working days for delivery right now due to the ongoing delays in shipments globally.
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  • EAN: 3503922351603
  • البائع: Slowmoose

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