Crocs Silicone Case For Apple Iphone Xr Grey

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Crocs Silicone Case For Apple Iphone Xr Grey

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Yippee Colour Crocs Silicone Case For Apple iPhone XR GreyThe product is shipped based on the color or size of the main image of the product page.Yippee Color Crocs Case for iPhone XRProduct FeaturesCompatibility: Exclusively designed for the iPhone XR 2018.Stylish and Colorful: Designed with back cutouts for faster heat dissipation, the case comes in 3 fashionable colors to keep your iPhone XR looking great for any occasion.Slim Fit: The ultra-thin and lightweight design adds minimal bulk to your iPhone XR.Premium Protection: The iPhone XR Silicone case combines with PC to help protect your iPhone XR from accidental bumps and drops.Excellent Grip: The iPhone XR slim case has a smooth, scratch-resistant surface that feels as good as it looks without being slippery.Yippee Color Soft Case for iPhone XRFlexible and DurableEasy installationMade from shock-resistant and flexible silicone rubber, the case goes on to your phone with ease.

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