Shockproof Protective Case For Iphone 13 Pro Max

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Shockproof Protective Case For Iphone 13 Pro Max

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Ultra Clear & Long-Lastingfocused on the clear phone case that allows you to showcase how pretty your iPhone is. The iPhone 13 Pro Max case is made of Ultra Clear material and features a nano antioxidant coating tech that keeps the beautiful phone and case clean and clear as day one.Upgraded Protective DetailsThe protective phone case for iPhone 13 Pro Max has a sturdy backside and is equipped with 4 built-in airbags at every corner, which can effectively absorb shock from falling or impact. The well-thought 1.2 & 1.9 mm raised edges around the camera and screen will protect your iPhone from destructive hitting when a drop happensFit Snugly & Durable Sturdy This case is designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inches that seamlessly surrounds your phone to stop dust from entering and scratching your phone. It fits snugly like a glove on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and is matched with most screen protectors on the marketSleek Design & Comfortable GripThe premium material of the iPhone 13 Pro Max case provides not only wonderful clearness but also a comfortable sense of grip. So that phone case gives you a firm grip while calling, texting, gaming, and taking selfiesCompatibility & Lifetime ServiceThis phone case is ONLY compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 Inch.

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