Birthday Girl Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Kit

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Birthday Girl Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Kit

  • العلامة التجارية: Handuo
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السعر: ٦٤٫٠٠ ر.ق.‏
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BIRTHDAY GIRL" sash + rhinestone tiara gifts set.Sash. Made from soft glitter fabric using hot pressed stamping foil will compliment any outfit and durable enough to last day into night. Rhinestone Tiara. Perfect for any party use, makes the most stunning at any occasions decorated for the special birthday girl. Tiara are adjustable as well comes with comb design that can holds and stable on top of the hair. Best Value. Get the sash and tiara at the same time and be prepare for the birthday celebration We had so much fun designing this birthday gifts set, we hope they add just as much fun to your parties too
  • العلامة التجارية: Handuo
  • الفئة: وشاحات
  • اللّون: rose gold
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