Display Dual Usb Phone Charger Cigarette Lighter 120w

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Display Dual Usb Phone Charger Cigarette Lighter 120w

Display Dual Usb Phone Charger Cigarette Lighter 120w

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1 Drag 3 Car Cigarette Lighter 120W High Power with Switch Voltage Display Dual USB Phone Charger Car Cigarette Lighter-WhiteThe product is shipped based on the color or size of the main image of the product page.The battery voltage is monitored in real time and the temperature inside the car is displayed. Meet the 10A current output of the cigarette lighter on the car, and can support the simultaneous use of three electrical appliances. Dual USB intelligent output, intelligent control current output, faster and safer. Three-hole independent switch, directly turn off the power when not in use, eliminating the trouble of unplugging. Features: Name: Car cigarette lighter Material: ABS Voltage display range: 6~30v Current display range: 60MA-100MA Input voltage: 12~24v Three holes power: 120w Weight: 136G Output current: 10A Product size: 96x32x69MM Packing size: 114x40x177MM USB output: DC: 1000mA/2100mA

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Guang Zhou Ding Ding Dang Qi Ye Fu Wu You Xian Gong Si

العنوان: Tian He Qu Shi Pai Xi Lu 8 Hao 801 Zi Bian 853 Hao, Guangzhou, 510630, الصين