Lifeline USA 5' PowerArc Resistance Cable

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Lifeline USA 5' PowerArc Resistance Cable

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The Lifeline USA 5' PowerArc Resistance Cable is made using Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cables. The PowerArc Resistance Cable provides continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of motion to build strength and endurance. It features high-strength cable connectors to attach to the PowerArc Handles safely, securely and easily. The sliding cable movement of the PowerArc system allows for more exercise options than traditional handles. Each cable is color coded for quick identification during interchange and is five feet long to accommodate a wide variety of exercises for everyone from beginners to advance users. Use only with Lifeline's PowerArc Handles (sold separately). Features: Patented PowerArc Free Motion Cable Slide design allows cables to rotate around the handle to engage more muscles. Layered cable construction for optimum durability and performance during strength training.
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  • EAN: 754806316352
  • البائع: Forza Sports

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