Wood sage & sea salt fragrance diffuser

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Wood sage & sea salt fragrance diffuser

  • العلامة التجارية: Whax

Wood sage & sea salt fragrance diffuser

  • العلامة التجارية: Whax
السعر: ١٠٤٫٠٠ ر.ق.‏
١٠٤٫٠٠ ر.ق.‏ + ٩٨٫٩٩ ر.ق.‏ الشحن

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The fragrance. A warm, sophisticated aromatic fragrance with delicate sage and grapefruit enriched by hints of bergamot and tangerine, leading to an invigorating heart of fresh ozone, cool breeze and soft florals, smoothed by shades of musk, amber and clearwood. This stylish home accessory adds a steady stream of uninterrupted scent to any space for approximately 4-5 months. Create a mesmerising atmosphere anywhere in your home. > Large 200ml diffuser > Highly scented  > Premium Packaging > Made in England > Alcohol free 200ml of fragrance, with Black reeds, will last 16 - 20 weeks and are gift-boxed. WHAX fragrance diffusers are 20% fragrance blended with ‘augeo’ – sustainable, plant-derived, biodegradable, low carbon footprint, and non-toxic to humans or the environment. Reed diffusers give real character to a whole room Perfect option for people who are concerned about having a naked flame in the home, or if you have toddlers or excitable pets To intensify the fragrance, turn the reeds at regular intervals.  
  • هوية Fruugo: 53549035-107971150
  • البائع: Whax

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