Bob Champion Signed Grand National Photo: Aldaniti. Framed

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Bob Champion Signed Grand National Photo: Aldaniti. Framed

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16 x 12 inches photograph, signed by Bob Champion. In black frame and cream mount. Approximate size: 560 x 460 mm / 22 x 18 inches / This superb photograph was signed on July 15, 2011 in Milton Keynes by jockey Bob Champion. It shows Champion winning the 1981 Grand National on the legendary horse, Aldaniti. His triumph was made into a film Champions, with John Hurt portraying Champion. The film is based on Champion's book Champions Story, which he wrote with close friend and racing journalist and broadcaster Jonathan Powell. All signatures are originals they are never printed. The product image is a stock photo so the position of signatures might vary slightly. Exclusive Memorabilia unconditionally guarantees all signed items are genuine. The item will come with a certificate of authenticity featuring a numbered hologram that matches an identical hologram affixed to the product. Exclusive Memorabilia is the UK's most trusted brand of sports and entertainment memorabilia, supplying Premiership football clubs, leading cruise lines and charities with their memorabilia for sale and auction.

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