Fascinating Rhythm: Original 1920s Songs & Charleston Hits- Audio CD

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Fascinating Rhythm: Original 1920s Songs & Charleston Hits- Audio CD

Fascinating Rhythm: Original 1920s Songs & Charleston Hits- Audio CD

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Ah, the Twenties A period of unparalleled hedonism quite unlike any other, with Bright Young Things engaged in a perpetual day-and-night party, fuelled by bathtub gin and dancing wantonly to the bright, snappy rhythms of jazz. Track List: Track Listing Bert Firman - Kansas City Kitty Red Nichols - After You've Gone Savoy Havana Band - Masculine Women & Feminine Men The Charleston Chasers - Wabash Blues The Savoy Orpheans - The Charleston Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me Miff Moles Little Molers - You Took Advantage of Me New Mayfair Orchestra - Spread a Little Happiness Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Louisiana Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Cotton Club Stomp Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - Button Up Your Overcoat Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - There Ain't No Sweet Man Ted Lewis & His Band - Glad Rag Doll The Savoy Orpheans - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang - Dinah The Rhythmic Eight - Umtcha, Umtcha, Da, Da, Da The Savoy Havana Band - Turkish Towel Arthur Roseburg - Lets Do It Lloyd Keating - Turn On The Heat Louis Armstrong - That Rhythm Man Frankie Trumbauer & Bix Beiderbecke - Singin' The Blues Ambrose & His Orchestra - Painting The Clouds With Sunshine Johnny Hamps Kentucky Serenaders - Black Bottom Arcadians Dance Orchestra - When I Met Connie In The Cornfield Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - Sunshine The Savoy Orpheans - Fascinating Rhythm
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