Perfect PFE Men's Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Perfect PFE Men's Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Even if it is not often spoken about, bladder weakness and fecal incontinence affect men as well as women, particularly for those with postprostatectomy incontinence. To address the issue many choose to ignore, we have created a version of our Perfect PFE unit specifically for men. Perfect PFE MEN sends a gentle stimulation (similar to your natural nerve impulses) direct to your pelvic floor muscles through an anal probe with stainless steel electrodes or with optional electrode pads. These signals make your pelvic floor muscles contract, toning them for you to help you regain control over them and fight bladder weakness. Like its female counterpart, Perfect PFE MEN also has a programme designed to provide pelvic pain relief in addition to the programmes fighting bladder weakness. The conditions it addresses are chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Additionally, Perfect PFE MEN Pelvic Floor Exerciser helps maintaining healthy bowel movement, improving pelvic strength, and amplifying rectal sensation for enhanced pleasure. It can also help you to perform the exercises recommended for recovery from Erectile Dysfunction. SKU: K-PPFE-MEN
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