Table Mars Gaming MGD CARBON FIBER White

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Table Mars Gaming MGD CARBON FIBER White

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If you're passionate about IT and electronics, like being up to date on technology and don't miss even the slightest details, buyTable Mars Gaming MGD CARBON FIBER White at an unbeatable price. Type: RightColour: WhiteMaterial: Steel MGD GAMING DESKThe MGD gaming desk offers you the maximum stability and durability using the best steel and a carbon fiber laminated board with waterproof finish, cable management system and external holder for headphones and drinks. All this maintaining a contained size to adapt easily to any space. The perfect table for your Gaming Setup.OUTSTANDING STABILITY AND DURABILITYWide Y-shaped tubular structure in high quality steel and carbon fiber laminated board resistant to liquids and scratches for unbeatable stability and resistance up to 100 kg, far superior to most gaming desks on the market.ERGONOMIC DESIGNWe use all available materials and technologies to achieve supreme comfort and unsurpassed ergonomics worthy of the best premium desk.AVAILABLE IN 2 VERSIONSChoose the version that fits your setup and enjoy up to two different finishes, white and black.OPTIMIZED ERGONOMIC SURFACEA compact size of 110cm to fit into any space but optimized to the maximum, without borders and with external holder for headphones and cups. With plenty of capacity for everything your Gaming Setup needs without worrying about the space where you install it. In addition, it is ergonomically designed in a professional way thanks to its curved wrap-around design.EASY AND FAST ASSEMBLYWe have minimized the number of parts to make it easy and fast to assemble. In just a few steps you will have ready the Gaming Setup of your dreams.EXTERNAL HOLDERS AND CABLE MANAGEMENTDon't lose space and avoid accidents thanks to the included external headphone and beverage holders. Optimize space management by keeping everything clean and tidy. In addition, you can easily manage the cabling through the dual openings on the table. Type: StraightTable top shape: Free-form shapeFrame material: SteelProper use: GamingFrame colour: WhiteTable top colour: WhiteProduct colour: WhiteMaximum weight capacity: 100 kgCable grommets: YBuilt-in headphone hook: YCable management: YWidth: 1100 mmDepth: 600 mmHeight: 740 mmDesk top material thickness: 1.8 cmDesk top size (W x D): 1100 x 600 mmWeight: 21.5 kgPackage width: 765 mmPackage depth: 1225 mmPackage height: 140 mm
  • هوية Fruugo: 61912828-124831335
  • EAN: 4710562759846
  • البائع: Denys Politov

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